Weekend Update

Had a good weekend of training. On Friday night, I did a brick of a 31 mile ride followed by a 3 mile run. The conditions were less than ideal, there was a light spitting rain with a 20+mph wind. I rode DIRECTLY into the wind on the way out....it was tough...during some of the gusts, I looked at my computer and saw 17.5 mph. It was pretty rough and I dropped a few "f-bombs." The good news was when I turned around, I was flying....I saw 25.5 on the flat which is fast for me. All in all, I averaged 19.5. On the 3 mile run, I ran 7:42, 7:46, and 7:56 (hill) with an average heart rate of 141. My thighs felt a bit heavy but was happy with the pace/heart rate.

On Saturday, the Mrs and I went to the pool where I did a a 2000 meter swim....just straight, no sets of anything. I either did it in 35:20 ...or 37:05...I lost count of where I was at and did an extra 50 (maybe) just to make sure. I was hitting my 500's in 9 minutes and tried to pick it up for the last 500...but question if I picked iut up by 40 seconds.... The swim felt good, it is nice to just go for a swim...and not do any sets....just swim... I tried to keep in mind that this was a recovery swim and did not try to push the pace. I wanted to keep the form locked in and I concentrated on being long in the water. I realize these swim times are pretty slow but it is a big improvement from where I was last year.

Today (Sunday) was beautiful here in Cleveland. I did a 13 mile run at an 8:45 pace and a 142 avg heart rate. Last weekend I pushed out a 12 miler at 7:35 pace so this weekend I wanted a nice long slow run. It felt nice to be out and do just a nice steady run. I really kept focus to make sure I did not slowly speed up. I had 1 goo and 2 fuel belt bottles of gaterade. I felt like I could run all day as it was so nice and I was keeping the pace in control. This evening I do not even feel like I went for a run....it was a good 'recovery run.'

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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Sounds like some good training. Keep it up.

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