Mid week update

I am still trying to ramp up the biking to see if it is realistic to do the HIM in June. I rode 41 on Saturday and then ran 10 on Sunday pretty easy @8:30 pace.

Monday I did the Master swim:

600 Warm up (bk, br, fr)
200 Pull

300 pull (:30 seconds rest)
2X100 kick (20seconds rest)
repeat 2X

100 easy

7X100 @1:35

75 Easy

Yesterday, I did a track workout in the AM of 1 mile warm up, then 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200...with a 200 meter rest interval which I walked. I was really glad when it was over. At least I felt better this week on the track compared to last week...but I never find the track workout 'easy.'

Yesterday night, the Mrs Buckeye was at dinner with some friends so I headed out for a bike ride. The weather in Cleveland was quite warm (for here)...78 degrees...so I decided to ride along the lake. It was great. The temperature is noticeably cooler at the lake compared to my house and I only live about 3 miles from it. I finally had a ride with no wind! Originally, my intention was just to spin the legs but I felt pretty good and worked a bit. I ended up doing 31 miles with a 20 average.

Off to masters swim tonight.


Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like a lot of quality training!!! Yesterday was a gorgeous day...loving this weather!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

wow your training is awesome...i am taking notes... questions about your swim... pull? what is pull? kick? with a kickboard? sorry for the ignorance, i just go out and swim a mile, and then go home.... maybe that's why im not going any faster.

2:59 PM  
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