Oh the wind....

Can I get a bike ride that does not have gusting winds? Not to cry about it, but my last 2 rides have had some brutal winds. I feel like Lance Armstrong in one direction.....and like a 3 year old with training wheels the other. Oh well.

On Monday, I went to master swim and did ~2400. I took it a bit easy and mixed in a bit of pulling as my legs were a bit lead filled from the longer run on Sunday. On Tuesday, I went to the track to do some speed work. I was tired before I even got there....in hind site I should have taken a rest day...but I did a 1 mile warm up, and was slated to do 6X800 with 90 seconds rest. I did the first 3 in 3:08, 3:06, 3:05 but on the forth went to 3:16...I was on empty and spent. Rather than put in 2 more crappy 800's, I called it a day after a little cool down. It was a bit crazy at the track as the fire department was setting up a car crash site on the football field as a drinking and driving dispaly for prom. So I was having to use all 8 lanes of the track to weave in and out of the tow trucks and other equipment that was getting setup.

Yesterday, I did 33 mile on the bike at a 19 average. I was just trying to ride very comfortable and not push it. I was flying on the way out....wind aided....on the way back it was a real pie in the face and felt like I was barely moving. I then went to master swimming where we did:

warm up:
1x200 swim
400 IM
2x100 pull

Set 1:
6x200 @ 3:35

50 easy recovery

Set 2:
4X25 @ 30 seconds
4X25 @ 28 seconds
4X25 @ 26 seconds
4X25 @ 24 seconds

75 easy

Hope to get a run in this afternoon.


Blogger momo said...

my riding partners and i were saying the same thing this week. every single ride we've done lately has been against the wind - in both directions!

make it stop!

12:22 PM  
Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Sounds as though you are getting in some quality training.

Definitely a good idea to cut the track workout short and save up for another day!!!

6:06 PM  

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