Plowing along.

After the weekend workouts, my legs were pretty tired on Monday. I felt like taking a day off but decided to go to masters swimming in the evening. There were a few other triatheletes there that wanted to do a long swim workout and not the workout that was posted by the coach...so I thought I would give it a whirl. We did a 300 warmup and then 3 sets of 12 minute swims as far as you coudl go. We did 725, 725 and 700 on the last set.....which translates to 1:39/100 and 1:42/100 which I was pretty happy with. 7 months ago I could not swim a 2:15 100...so I feel like I have come a long way.

The 3 of us that swam together were almost the exact same speed. I lead the first and third set and was #2 in the second set. I never realized what a HUGE difference drafting in swimming makes. The second set was like a stroll in the park. I was not working at all and was trying to keep from grabbing the feet of the person in front of me. When I lead the sets, it felt like work the entire time...

Yesterday I was supposed to go to the track and do a workout but could tell my legs were not up fo it at all....like not even a possibility. I ended up going for a 6 mile run at an 8:15 pace with a 142 bpm average. I ran the first 3 miles at 7:55 then slowed it down for the last 3 as I was getting a bit of a tight hamstring and really felt like I was overdoing it. I think I am going to try to hit it hard this weekend then have a recovery week with only light workouts next week.

I plan on going to masters swimming tonight then hopefully a ride tomorrow.


Blogger momo said...

good job listening to your body and adapting the workouts. i tend to ignore those little signals and that is not smart.

oh, and i love drafting in the pool!!!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Cliff Tam said...

Yeah...drafting makes a huge difference in swimming. My goal for every tri swim is to find a pair of feet that is just a bit faster than me that i can follow. Just have to amke sure that pair of feet is swimming straight :0

11:54 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Drafting is amazing isn't it? I, always find it funny during racing that almost everytime I THINK the person I'm drafting off of is going too slow because I can barely keep from swimming over them, I AM WRONG!
When I go for the pass and my effort level immediately goes thru the roof and I have to tuck right back in!

12:02 AM  
Blogger Tea said...

There's hope for my swimming! It sounds like I am right where you were several months ago.

It's great to see the improvement over time.

8:30 PM  
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