Happy Friday, everyone! I hope that everyone had a good week. I actually made it to the track this evening! Surprise, surprise, I know. Usually on Fridays I am so tired after work, I just do a lazy 3 miler. But I rallied, and made it to the local track for 2.5 miles of speedwork. Man, I have slowed down since the summer. In June and July I could run a 300 in 65-67 seconds. Not so, anymore. Here is what I did:
1.5 mile run: 12:18
300: 1:15
300: 1:17
300: 1:17
400: 1:52
300 cool down

I am hoping that I was just tired after a long week, and that I am not really that slow. 2.5 miles doesn't seem like much, but I was sucking wind at the end, so that must be good for me!

This weekend I am running a local 5k with TriSara and Daisy Duc. I am really excited. I have a feeling I will be bringing up the rear of this trio, but I am hoping to come in somewhere under 25 minutes. Stay tuned...

Swim practice was last night. I love Thursday night practices, because the coach on deck is awesome. He swam in high school (St. Ignatius, a local school in Cleveland) and at Wittenberg U., a D3 school in the same athletic conference as my alma mater, Kenyon. He gives us hard workouts and really pushes us, and I like that. The only bad thing about Thursdays is that practice is at 8:30 p.m., which for an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person like me is tough. This weekend I will swim on my own and be back with the team on Monday.

I also wanted to give any runners out there who use the Nike/Apple system to track their running workouts a heads up about something cool they might be interested in...Check this out:
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Shoe Pouch - you know you want one!
My husband, his brother, and some of their really smart, entreprenurial-type cohorts invented this nifty little item! The pouch holds the little Apple device that "talks" to your Ipod, and tracks your workout stats. Nike sells a shoe that holds the Apple device, but if you don't wear Nikes, you are stuck trying to find a way to use the Apple system and hook it to your shoe somehow.

The shoe model one the website is my sister-in-law's runnin' feet! It's a really cool little gadget and could be a great stocking stuffer or accessory for you Ipod lovers out there. We will be supplying them to some small local running stores, like Second Sole, and you can also order them if you are from out of town. Check it out and let me know what you think!!