2000 Yd. TT

2006 is almost here, and I am trying to squeeze in some more workouts before we say "sayanora" to 2005. I ran a quick three yesterday, and today, I wanted to do a 2000 yard TT in the water. My total time was 31.56.97. I am not sure how accurate the time is, because I was timing myself. Since I wanted to catch my 200 splits, I had to stop after each 8 laps and hit my watch. Here is the breakdown:
200: 2.56.71
400: 3.07.49
600: 3.09.58
800: 3.17.98
1000: 3.09.97
1200: 3.15.10
1400: 3.16.97
1600: 3.23.26
1800: 3.14.42
2000: 3.05.49

Maybe I can trim that down in the coming year. Next time, I'll have to have someone sit and time me. It's scary that in high school, there were kids that could swim the 1650 in less than 20 minutes!

On to the Munich review. I didn't know it was close to 3 hours, so just buy a large buttered popcorn, and be prepared to sit. It is also pretty violent. The focus of the movie wasn't necessarily on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; I found it to be more about how the protagonist and his band of assasins coped with the internal struggle their mission created. Considering the violent nature of what was depicted, Spielberg handled it well. Although there is no real closure in the end, (can there ever really be in a situation like this?), the message that violence only begets more violence is clear. A good movie, but if you are looking for lighthearted fare, I would recommend The Producers.


God Provides

As I look over the month of December, and begin to dispair the meager running miles I logged, God provides. A week of mild weather in Cleveland that just so happens to coincide with my week of vacation. What luck. No more icy treacherous sidewalks to contend with, no frigid temperatures to battle. It really does feel like Spring today. What a reprieve. And the whole week should be hovering right in the 40s! And it's December!

So in honor of this awesome weather, I got outside this morning for a nice 9 miler. Considering this is the longest run of the month, I felt pretty good. I did notice some discomfort in my right arch, but nothing too bad. During my run, I thought that it has been a long time since I could run long, and not have any aches/pains other than normal muscle fatigue. I finished the run in 1:26.

I'm thinking of taking in a matinee this afternoon. Possibly Munich. It looks pretty bleak, but I watched a documetary about the '72 Olympic tragedy on ESPN a few nights ago, and I was riveted. I think that this movie is about the fictional aftermath of those Olympics, but it should be interesting, nonetheless.

Hey, whadaya know? The sun is coming out.


Back to Business

I hope that all you readers out in the blogosphere had a happy, healthy, and relaxing holiday (or "are having" one, as the case may be). As for me, I was able to celebrate with my family, and return home to a relatively warm Ohio. It should be in the upper 30s to 40s this week! Brilliant! I will try to get in a longer run this week, as most of my runs have been purely maintenance 3-4 milers.

To update you, I did get some workouts in last week. Swam 2100 yards (37 minutes) on Thursday, ran 3.5 on Friday, and 3 on Saturday. I went for a leisurely walk on the 25th, 3 on Monday, and today, I swam 1800 yards (30 minutes), and !BIKED! for 30 minutes.

And for all of you looking for a little diversion, check out this website, and see how many you get right. Can You Guess the Movie?


Almost there.

Tomorrow is my last day of work until next year. I love saying that. "I won't be back to work until next year." It has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I plan on increasing my running mileage, biking some more, and retooling my blog. Maybe I can get Runner Susan to fashion me a really cool header, and I can start the New Year off right! ;)

I have started posting my monthly numbers in the sidebar - I was dismayed to see how low my mileage is for the month so far. Apparently, I will have to kick it into gear - enough grousing about the cold weather, and just RUN! In furtherence of that idea, I ran 4 yesterday, and 3 today. I will have to set up my training plan for Cleveland 2006, too. I generally follow an 18 week Hal Higdon plan, so I will be starting that training soon.

I hope that those celebrating a holiday are finishing up their preparations smoothly. If not, you better get cracking!

Happy mid-week, bloggers!


Calling All Cyclists

You would be proud. Today I faced my Nemesis. My Achilles Heel. My weakest triathlon discipline. (Too bad that, like Bolder says, it's all about the bike.)

Yep, that's right friends. I got on my bike tonight. Want proof?

One whole hour. Go on, Gear Heads -- laugh at my measly little hour. But bear in mind that I haven't been on the bike since my bike trip in October. With my spinning classes right around the corner, I figured I should start getting my bike on.

This is the unfinished area of our basement that we have converted into our exercise area. It's sparse - not as cool as Ironbenny's bike area, but it serves it's purpose.

I'm actually pretty proud that I was able to bike tonight. I have been having some trouble motivating these days, and my workouts have really felt like WORKouts. And the weather isn't helping at all. I didn't do anything last Thursday, ran 3 on Friday, swam a measly 1350 yards on Saturday, and yesterday I ran 8 treadmill miles (1:20:54).

Bloggers are helping me get through it, though. Reading about Rob's Christmas Marathon, and Rae's awesome 23 miler, and everyone else's athletic feats is helping me do that which I don't always feel like doing! Thank you, People!!


I'm It!

Stronger tagged me today, and according to the rules of this tag, I have to reveal five facts about myself, and then tag 5 more bloggers. Here goes:

1. I am one of four children (second oldest), and the only kid in my family to go to public high school. The other three all went to catholic high school. All my friends went to the public high school, plus, it had a swim team and the catholic school didn't.

2. I am a Libra, although I think I should have been born an Aquarius, because I love everything to do with water, sandy beaches, hot weather, and the like. I have been scuba diving several times, and love to kayak. The only time water and I don't mix is when I am on some sort of boat that is docked, and rocking. The boat has got to be moving in a forward direction, otherwise, watch out. I don't think I would do well on a deep sea fishing excursion.

3. I love music, but I've only been to one music concert in my whole life. I saw U2 during their Zoo Tour, Pittsburgh, PA, 1992.

4. I have been "blessed" with both the salty and sweet snack genes. I can polish off a bag of potato chips just as quick as I can polish off a sleeve of Chips Ahoy. What talent.

5. I hated the movies "Office Space" and "Napolean Dynamite" the first time I saw them. After watching them over, I think they are hilarious.

On deck:

Wednesday Run: Treadmill, 5.1 miles, 55 minutes


Happy Holidays, Bloggers!!

Check out this light show. And make sure your speakers are on:
Amazing Light Show

The snow has got to go.

Unfortunately, I think it's here to stay. We got another blast of old man winter tonight, and the snow just keeps coming down! Where does it all come from?? Gah!

To update you all on my weekend, it went fairly smoothly. The most important task of registering for my biking class was successfully completed. My husband to the gym early Saturday morning to ensure that we get the classes we wanted. Good thing, too, because he got there at 7:30 a.m., and there were long lines already formed. Kiddie swim lessons seemed to be the hot ticket item, with spinning not far behind. I am happy to report that I am enrolled in Saturday morning classes beginning 2/4/06 -- 2/25/06, and 3/4/06 -- 4/25/06. This is good, because it leaves me the month of January to start riding my bike on my trainer, as preparation for the classes. I haven't ridden my bike since August (gasp).

When we got back into town on Sunday afternoon, the lake effect snow machine had started churning again, so I was relegated to my first dreadmill run of the season. 6 miles in the basement while watching "A Christmas Story" and "Dirty Dancing." Can you say "mind numbing?"

After last night's eternity on the hamster wheel, I just had to run outside, no matter the snow. I went for a slow 3 miles. I think that if this snow keeps up, I will be back on the treadmill this week.


What's that old saying about imitation?

I couldn't resist checking out VideoCodeZone, and happily adding a video to jazz up my page. Thanks to Bolder and Elizabeth for inspiring me to check it out, and retool my blog.

Thank goodness this week is over! Next task: get through the weekend. I am road tripping back to the 'Burgh to visit with those members of my family unable to make it home during Christmas. We'll leave tomorrow morning, drive 3.5 hours spend the day/evening with family, and then head back Sunday morning. I am not looking forward to tomorrow, because I have to get up at the crack (I usually like to sleep in a little on the weekends) go for a quick run, pack up (because, seriously, why would I do that the night before?), run to the gym to sign up for my spinning class (registration is being held tomorrow starting at 8 a.m. There are a limited number of classes, and only 14 people per class, so I have to get there early!), and drop off the dog at my in-laws. Whew!

When I got home from work today, I caught the tail end of VH1's Best Year Ever. I love watching Best Week Ever -it's one of those mindless shows that you catch yourself watching, and can't help laughing at. And I am somewhat of a pop culture junkie, so it's right up my alley. I've got to see the entire year-end edition, but the part I saw was pretty funny. I recommend it for when you are passing some time on the dreadmill, or spinning away.

Have a great weekend folks. I'll post more about my trip, and whether or not I scored a good Spinning class on Sunday.

Friday exercise: 2000 yd swim


Christmas Crud of 2005

In college, we called it the "campus crud." You know it - the flu that everyone seemed to get in the winter, and just pass around to one another. Well, it's baaaack, and I've dubbed it the Christmas Crud of 2005. Last week my husband had it. A nasty uninvited houseguest of the stomach flu variety. I washed sheets, and bathroom rugs, scrubbed toilets, disinfected surfaces, took my vitamin C, and hoped for the best. All for nothing, because at 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, I woke to stomach cramps, night sweats, and you don't want to know what else. Blech.

Needless to say, I called off work Tuesday, dragged myself back to work on Wednesday, and am starting to eat a bit more today. I hope that is the last I see of the Crud until next Christmas!!

Aside from my stomach, the Crud wreaked havoc on my workouts this week. Not much to report, although I did get in a 4 mile run on Monday and 3 mile run in this evening before the snow hits. Pathetic.

And did I mention that I have yet to start Christmas shopping?


Sunday Swim and 2005 Race Season Recap

It snowed more today, so instead of running my planned 6 miles, I went to the pool for a no muss, no fuss workout. I did 10 X 300 on 5:00. My total time was 49:26:47.

I also wanted to recap my year in racing, so here it is, folks:

Cleveland Marathon: May 22 -- 4:54:55 (11:13/mile)

Magnificat Run With Blue Streaks 5k: May 29 -- 25:49.3 (8:20/mile)

Rocky River 5 Miler: June 5 -- 43:00.3 (8:36/mile)

Two for the Road 10K Relay: June 19 -- Time unknown

Park to Park Half Marathon: June 26 -- 2:18:32 (10:34/mile)

Bay Days 5 Miler: July 4 -- 42:16.8 (8:27/mile)

Huntington Sprint Triathlon (1/4-Mile Swim, 12-Mile Bike, 5K Run): August 6 -- 6:04s (2:43 T1)(2:29 T1a) 42:18b (1:01 T2) 26:31r 1:21:06 total

Youth Challenge 5K: August 13 -- 30:53.3 (6:11/K)

Lorain Sprint Triathlon(1/4-Mile Swim, 14.3-Mile Bike, 5K Run)
August 28 -- 10:04s (2:29 T1) 49:59b (1:53 T2) 27:15r
1:31:40 total

Celebrate Westlake 5 Miler September 3 -- 44:32 (8:54/mile)

Fall Tune Up 15K: September 18 -- 1:21:51 (8:48/mile)

Great Pumpkin Duathlon (4run/12bike/2run): October 16 -- 1:52:22

Inland Trail Half Marathon: November 6 -- DNF (inclement weather)

CWRRC Fall Classic Half Marathon: November 20 -- 2:04:33 (9:30/mile)

Smith Barney Reindeer Run 5k: December 3 -- 26:28.6 (8:32/mile)

Looking forward to an even better 2006.


2005 Reindeer Run

After last night's snow storm, and my 2.5 hour trek home from work last night, I wasn't sure whether I would feel like getting up to face the snow this morning to run my race. But I did, folks. And it wasn't so bad! By the time I left this morning, the roads cleared up nicely, so I knew that the race wouldn't be cancelled or some other such nonsense. I made it to the race site with plenty of time to take some photos. (I knew that I wouldn't PR this 5K, what with the weather and all, so I figured why not lug my camera around with me!)

Check this one out: Think "6 more months until I can swim in Lake Erie."

There were tons of people this year. The weather was cold, but wind was minimal, and the sun even came out for a bit. The main road of the race was clear, but there were some side streets that hadn't really been plowed/salted, so it was pretty messy there. Here is the race start:

Overall, I felt pretty good during the race. During the first mile, my legs were cold, so my muscles were pretty tight. Here are some shots from mile 2 along the course:

My splits were:
mile 1: 8:47
mile 2: 8:11
mile 3.1: 9:28
My watch time was 26:27:26. We'll see what the official results are when they are posted.

Not my fastest 5K, but ok, considering I like running in warm weather better than cold. I am glad that I went, and am sorry to see the 2005 racing season over. Where did the year go?? I am putting together my Complete 2005 Race Results and hope to post that later this weekend.

Don't forget to check out Rae's blog to see how she and her hubby did in their half today!


November Totals

This will be a quick post, because I am already late for work, and have no business trying to post right now.
Ran 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday, which gives me:
87.1 miles run
10,400 yards swum
0 miles biked

I almost forgot. I have a race on Saturday! My last one of the year. :(

Have a great end of the week, folks!