Hit the track

We had some really crappy weather this past weekend in Cleveland. Rather than grind out a long run in the cold driving rain, I decided to brave it long enough to do a track workout.

The picture below is what the Garmin recorded for the workout. If you click on it, you can pretty much read the details. I did a 1 mile warm up followed by 6X800 with 2 minutes rest in between. Basically the splits were 3:07, 3:02, 3:03, 3:03, 3:05 and 3:05. I was pretty happy with that..hopefully I can get that below the 3:00 mark as spring comes around.

On a fun note, I took the dog with me to do the workout. She LOVES the track and was a muddy mess within 2 minutes of being there....but had a great time. She didn't enjoy the bath after nearly as much!


It was one of those weeks

So, I did my long run on this past Sunday (13 miles) with a friend at 8:15 pace which is about 35 seconds slower than my usual pace….yet from a heart rate perspective, I was in my usual 150 bpm zone…and it really did feel like I was working hard

I did a 2600 with the masters swim group on Monday which went pretty well albeit my shoulder was a bit sore. Tuesday I took off with the intention of running Wednesday. Well, I had to fly to Minneapolis on Tuesday night and got back Wednesday night and REALLY was not up for pounding out a run when I got back. Last night I went to the masters swim group and had my worst swim in months!!!! I was very frustrated by the end of the work out. I was getting cramps in my feet and calf, missing cut off’s, swimming like crap…sucked. I am in a funk and need to break out of it.

I am hoping I can break out of this tonight with a bike/run/repeat (x3) work out this evening. For some reason everything just feels a bit ‘off’ and every workout is very difficult and I can't get into the zone…I know that everyone has these kind of days/streaks…just hope mine passes by quickly.


so... 1.5 miles

My work has a ‘fitness rebate’ of $150 if you get off you butt and do something in 2007. There are many different options about how to get the rebate and how to ‘log’ your physical activity. I chose to complete a 1.5 mile run…discuss it with a trainer…then repeat it in 12 weeks. Honestly, the reason I chose this as it looked a whole lot easier than logging into some website everyday and logging my activity over a 12 week period.

So I went to the track yesterday evening to bust out the 1.5 mile run. I did a one mile warm up with a few 100 meter tempo splits in there to get my heart rate up. I took a 2 minute break to drink, spit, and farmer blow my nose…then started the 6 laps. I ended up at 9:31…which works out roughly to a 6:15 pace. I know there are lots of people with serious speed out there where this is a warm up…but for me it wasn’t too bad. I haven’t been to the track in weeks so I know I can improve on this. My maximum aerobic threshold was calculated to be 57….which I have no clue at all what that number means! Does anyone? I googled around but couldn't find anything of value.

After the 1.5 miler, I did a 400 (1:32), 800 (3:08), 400 (1:32) and called it a day. If you are looking for a challenge, the 1.5 mile run was tough because you have to walk the fine line of pushing REALLY hard....but not flaming out before the end. It really is harder than you would think.

I am off to the pool tonight for a refreshing dip with the master swimming gang. I'll post the workout.

Just got back from the pool:

300 Swim
200 pull
200 breast/back
50 easy
50 swim with 15 second rest
50 choice with 15 second rest
100 swim with 15 second rest
100 choice with 15 second rest
200 Swim with 15 second rest
100 choice with 15 second rest
100 swim with 15 second rest
50 choice with 15 second rest
50 swim

If my math is right it is 2750. I cheated on a few of the swims by using a pull buoy as I was getting a cramp in my foot.

Mr. Buckeye